The Faults We See In Others Are Often Within Ourselves

I observe it a lot in people.  A person complains about something they feel is intolerable in someone else and they can not believe “the stupidity” of the other person.  Then, in a short time while the compliant is fresh in my mind I observe the same person who made the complaint do the same thing they have complained about.

It is the dangers of pride that make us fail to see our own faults.  We can easily find faults in others, but never can see our own faults.  This hinders our chances of repentance.

Then I take a look at the fact that while I am noticing so many of these cases, I have not taken time to see my own faults.  It seems that the faults we see in others are often within ourselves.

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I Created An Application For Internet Monster

For many of you, this is no surprise.  Some of you might be wondering if I could be really bored because nothing has happened and I just felt like writing a blog article.  Most of you know that Internet Monster is my baby; I wrote everything on that website from the ground up.  I did the graphics, the code, the interface, the configurations, the data, and I could go on for a lot longer with this list.  All of that is true, until now.

The application I wrote is something called a third party application.  It is designed to allow any web developer to build applications that can fit nicely into Internet Monster.  This allows for Internet Monster users to run these applications in an environment surrounded by the developer’s banners.  This means more extensibility and variety for Internet Monster users and more advertising for developers.

Applications can be developed on any server, and as long as they comply with the rules, are limited only by the developer’s imagination.  I was thinking about creating some games, and am wondering about what other developers will do.

The application I wrote was a NotePad.  It helps users to store multiple notes within their account.  This can be very useful for a developer like me, as I now have an ability to transfer code and other notes between computers and locations.  It is an Internet based NotePad.  I can keep a current copy of the code on the NotePad, and then edit and use it at any location that has support for Internet Monster.

Because Internet Monster is such a lightweight website, it is supported on the oldest and slowest of computers.  While it might not look as pretty, you will have full access to it’s functionality on a Microsoft Windows 95 computer.  I can not speak for the applications anymore, as many web developers do heavy-weight coding.  It will work fine on almost any computer, new or old, so it is quite portable.

I recommend Internet Monster to anyone who uses more than 1 website.  That could be a WebMail application and Internet banking.  The original target market for Internet Monster (still people who can greatly benefit) are new start-up businesses with little to no money in their pockets.  Internet Monster’s tools do not cost very much, but can help a new business grow legally and safely with very little time requirements.  Internet Monster has always been a great deal, but it just keeps getting better.

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Internet Monster Is A Traffic Power House

Internet Monster is already generating me in excess of 1,000 hits per week.  It is a system that was built on the information found from a composite of search engine authored Search Engine Optimization (SEO) manuals.  I believe it might be because of that I am getting so much traffic WITHOUT having run any promotions in a few months.  I am sometimes curious about what Internet Monster’s global hit count is.

Another cool thing about Internet Monster is how it has been getting new features quite often.  The latest feature is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Builder.  This cool new toy is able to quickly and easily create Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compliant websites with just a few clicks.  It takes care of all of the coding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stuff.  Another thing is that it is free to use for all who wish to joinYou can learn more about this by reading the Internet Monster Blog.

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The Difference Between Love And Lust

Love and lust can feel very similar, but they are almost the opposite.  As a mentioned earlier in an article about the importance of temple marriage, temple marriage is true, everlasting, and ordained of God.  A civil marriage is just a cheap imitation of the real thing.  Love is of God and will lead us to happily take on such commitments.  Lust on the other hand, is a cheap imitation.  Lust will try to make us think that we love only to let us down.  To avoid lust’s trap, we need to understand it.

Lust is fueled by our appetites.  Once we get our appetite filled, that which we have lusted after is no longer important to us.  Lust can take many forms, from a want to do inappropriate acts, to crushes, and if it is not identified early enough, to a marriage that those committed to later on regret.  If it seems like an appetite for an action, it probably is not love, but lust.

Love on the other hand is not centered on one person’s desire to satisfy their appetite.  It is founded on a sincere desire to want to make the life of another person better.  When that loving desire to better another person’s life is so strong that they want to fully commit the rest of their lives to the efforts of making that persons life better, and the other party feels the same way, it can lead to a marriage that can be eternal and without any regrets.  The words of the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley say it best in his speech at the National Press Society, which can be viewed in one of my videos I posted in an earlier blog post.

Someone who has a crush and they are not sure if it is right should give some serious consideration to what they are really feeling before it gets to late.  Is it love or lust?  It is a very important question.

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You Can Buy Your Sausage Soon

Olsens Market is getting very close to being able to sell our sausage over the Internet and ship it to you cold packed.  There is a starter website in place at, and you can sign up for the email list to be notified when it opens from there.  Please feel free to visit that website if you like good sausage.

Additionally, there is a blog for Olsens Market at  It will be containing most of the news and information for Olsens Market from now on.

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The Importance Of Temple Marriage

First, I would like to talk about marriage and it’s importance.  I feel that one of the sisters in my ward said it best when she gave a talk about commitment vs. involvement.  She talked about a ham and egg breakfast and how the chicken was involved but the pig was committed.  In a relationship, marriage is that commitment.  It is the saying that we are not turning back, we have made our decision and will stick with it no matter what.  Most of the time that couples fail to marry is because they have failed to commit.  For the sake of strong families, which are the fundemental unit of our societies, I believe it was very wise of God to require that couples commit to one another in the form of marriage before trying to start a family.  When a relationship fails, it leaves a broken home for the kids.  Marriage is that assurance of a better life for the whole family.

Second, I would like to mention something about temples, and the importance of them.  The temple is the house of the Lord.  Within such buildings which are properly dedicated, ordinances are able to be performed which allow for marriage to be eternal, and help to recognize God to be a part of that marriage.

This world will pass away, but we will move on.  God in his wisdom has given us a way to hold on to our loved ones forever.  Should we not take advanage of this blessing for ourselves as well as our loved ones?

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Appropriate Depends On Knowledge

Once again, I am writing about perspective.  The perspective at which we see things is based on our understanding that thing and it prerequisites.  If our understanding of a concept is not clear because of a lack of prerequisite knowledge, we will not understand things the way we need to.  This can lead to something that we commonly will consider to be appropriate being interpreted by who we teach to be inappropriate.

For an example, while the atonement of Jesus Christ is a very important event, and a good understanding of it can be some of the greatest knowledge that a person can acquire in this life, it is important to know some of the prerequisite information before we start reading about his suffering, capture, trials, and crucifixion.  This is why I believe that each of the Gospels start out by giving an account of his life, ministry, teachings, and purpose before they get into the gory stuff.  Without the prerequisite knowledge, we can interpret the last chapters of the gospels as a very violent story.  With the knowledge given in the first chapters of the gospel, the atonement is very important knowledge that can bring us peace.

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Internet Monster Stage 1 Complete!

It was a special day 2 days ago when I completed Stage 1 of Internet Monster.  Internet Monster is now a full scale marketing engine able to effectively boost your productivity, advertising, and marketing.  You might want to check it out at

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Dangers Of Half Of The Truth

Many churches teach about Jesus Christ.  The 10 Commandments, the birth of Jesus Christ, his mortal ministry, and his death on the cross at Calvary.  They also teach about the Holy Bible as a complete book and prophets in the past tense.

They are teaching only half of the truth and declaring it complete.  The problem is not what they are teaching, but how it is being taught.  They are great subjects, but the Holy Bible is not the only piece of scripture that we have, nor are prophets only history.  Jesus resurrected from the tomb after the cross, and lives today.  Through his perfect example he did atone for our sins and allowed for us to be saved.  There are modern day scriptures and prophets to help us to understand and know these things for ourselves.

By declaring half of the truth as complete allows pride to swell.  This causes us to stop seeking more because we feel that we already have everything.  In that lie to ourselves we loose valuable information including our knowledge for our reason to be here on this earth.  More about the dangers of pride can also be found in “About The Pharisees“.  More about modern day revelation can be found through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Grass Is Greener On Other Side Of Fence?

There comes times in our lives that think ‘I wish I could do that!’.  We do not think that we can because of a decision that we made in the past not to, and that we know was right.  We can do what we know is wrong, but we may not.  This stems from the commandments of god that have been given to us to keep us safe and happy.  (Also read the article “God’s Commandments Are Of Love“.)  We recognized that it was in our best interest to follow those commandments and therefore we seconded that decision at that point in our past when we said we would not do what would be wrong.

At a moment that we are encouraged to make a wrong choice and feeling like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, we are usually under a bit of stress.  While we may not see or feel that stress, it can have a blinding effect on our decisions.  That stress causes us to not see everything, because we focus too intently on only a few attributes of the situation and leave out all of the rest.  Love (in the dating aspect) can cause this.

The remedy is hard to find because we are blinded, but it is also very simple.  It is why so much of the time people on the out side of a relationship looking in, while less informed, would be able to make better decisions.  We need to relax, and back out a little bit.  When we are able to see things the way we did at that point in the past when we said no to a bad decision, we may also be able to see why.  “Why” is a very powerful question, not only reenforcing the answer but defining it.  It can expand the original question and the answer greatly.  When we are relaxed, we will be able to think more clearly.  When we look at the original reason that we said no in the first place, it can bring the answer to the most important question (“Why”) home and help us make great decisions under stress.

It also helps to know that we can do whatever we want, but that we had a decision to make and made the right one.  Sometimes, it also helps for us to look at a decision in the past that we made and how it feels afterward.  That can bring the answer to “Why” home in a very close and personal way.

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