Appropriate Depends On Knowledge

Once again, I am writing about perspective.  The perspective at which we see things is based on our understanding that thing and it prerequisites.  If our understanding of a concept is not clear because of a lack of prerequisite knowledge, we will not understand things the way we need to.  This can lead to something that we commonly will consider to be appropriate being interpreted by who we teach to be inappropriate.

For an example, while the atonement of Jesus Christ is a very important event, and a good understanding of it can be some of the greatest knowledge that a person can acquire in this life, it is important to know some of the prerequisite information before we start reading about his suffering, capture, trials, and crucifixion.  This is why I believe that each of the Gospels start out by giving an account of his life, ministry, teachings, and purpose before they get into the gory stuff.  Without the prerequisite knowledge, we can interpret the last chapters of the gospels as a very violent story.  With the knowledge given in the first chapters of the gospel, the atonement is very important knowledge that can bring us peace.

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