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I have 20 years of computer and business experience. I have run computer repair business, sales operations, web hosting businesses, and plenty of other things. Computers and Business is also a hobby of mine. I enjoy electronics, programming, and marketing. Now, I am a part of Global Domains International (GDI), which is a perfect business for me as I am able to work with beginning to advanced level clients in fields that I have specialized in for a long time to build a retirement income.

The Faults We See In Others Are Often Within Ourselves

I observe it a lot in people.  A person complains about something they feel is intolerable in someone else and they can not believe “the stupidity” of the other person.  Then, in a short time while the compliant is fresh … Continue reading

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I Created An Application For Internet Monster

For many of you, this is no surprise.  Some of you might be wondering if I could be really bored because nothing has happened and I just felt like writing a blog article.  Most of you know that Internet Monster … Continue reading

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Internet Monster Is A Traffic Power House

Internet Monster is already generating me in excess of 1,000 hits per week.  It is a system that was built on the information found from a composite of search engine authored Search Engine Optimization (SEO) manuals.  I believe it might … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Love And Lust

Love and lust can feel very similar, but they are almost the opposite.  As a mentioned earlier in an article about the importance of temple marriage, temple marriage is true, everlasting, and ordained of God.  A civil marriage is just … Continue reading

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You Can Buy Your Sausage Soon

Olsens Market is getting very close to being able to sell our sausage over the Internet and ship it to you cold packed.  There is a starter website in place at, and you can sign up for the email … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Temple Marriage

First, I would like to talk about marriage and it’s importance.  I feel that one of the sisters in my ward said it best when she gave a talk about commitment vs. involvement.  She talked about a ham and egg breakfast and … Continue reading

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Appropriate Depends On Knowledge

Once again, I am writing about perspective.  The perspective at which we see things is based on our understanding that thing and it prerequisites.  If our understanding of a concept is not clear because of a lack of prerequisite knowledge, … Continue reading

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Internet Monster Stage 1 Complete!

It was a special day 2 days ago when I completed Stage 1 of Internet Monster.  Internet Monster is now a full scale marketing engine able to effectively boost your productivity, advertising, and marketing.  You might want to check it … Continue reading

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Dangers Of Half Of The Truth

Many churches teach about Jesus Christ.  The 10 Commandments, the birth of Jesus Christ, his mortal ministry, and his death on the cross at Calvary.  They also teach about the Holy Bible as a complete book and prophets in the … Continue reading

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Grass Is Greener On Other Side Of Fence?

There comes times in our lives that think ‘I wish I could do that!’.  We do not think that we can because of a decision that we made in the past not to, and that we know was right.  We … Continue reading

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