Comparing Advertising Services

There are plenty of different ways to advertise yourself on the Internet.  The way that you will want to choose depends your resources and what you are advertising.  I will show you 3 different types of advertising and compare them in this article:

  • Website Advertising
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • EMail SafeLists

Website advertising is placing advertisements on websites.  One example of this is the targeted traffic that AdsVert delivers you.  You can exchange for advertising or purchase it.  The exchange ratio is you display one of their ads to have your ad shown twice on other people’s websites.  They allow for country and interest targeted advertising.  The traffic you can get from them usually depends on the quality of the ad you give them.  You can get great quality traffic through AdsVert.

Traffic Exchanges are places where you can go to visit other people’s websites to have other people visit your website.  These usually are low quality quick hits to your site.  Some exchanges like TrafficSwarm allow for you get targeted advertising.  Some exchanges like Traffic-Splash have a great variety of ad types that they support, like text links, banners, and websites.  Some websites have faster paced traffic, like TrafficSwarm, even though they have a 20 second timer on surfing.  Other sites like Traffic-Splash do not have timers.  Most traffic exchanges allow for free members to join and upgrade later.

EMail SafeLists are places where you can go to email to a large list.  This usually means that you will be getting emails from the safelist members from time to time.  In the case of Web Traffic Marketing, members can join for $40 and email the list daily.

Sometimes I publish performance information about these services to my emailing list or in the members area for my Global Domains International (GDI) team.

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