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Some people on the Internet do not understand how to email marketing works.  Here I will give some examples of AWeber Communications email marketing technology.  The point behind email marketing is to get people to subscribe to you.  This allows for the person to learn more about you, stay connected, learn to trust you, and do business with you.  It also allows for you to leverage your efforts in marketing.

AWeber Communications maintains your active copy of your emailing list (subscribers).  This allows for it to be updated with new signups, confirmations, and opt-outs in real time.  You log in and create a list.  You will also need to write some messages (follow up) and build some sign up forms for your new list.  The list is where everything lives.  It is like an account profile at AWeber.  Your subscribers, messages, and forms are all list specific.  Your subscribers is who has signed up for your list.  To get subscribers, you need to create a form for people to sign up on.  AWeber has a visual editor with loads of templates to make this really easy.  Once you have subscribers signing up, they will start to receive the follow up messages you have created automatically on the schedule you have designated.  You can also create and schedule broadcast messages that will go to your active subscribers.  The messages are created by you once, and then AWeber sends a copy to all those active subscribers on your list(s) that you have chosen.  This is how leveraging your advertising is made easy with AWeber Communications.

I have an emailing list through AWeber Communications that you can join if you wish.  I also explain about many marketing tactics in detail in my members area for my Global Domains International (GDI) team (joining my team could give you access if you are interested).

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