Grass Is Greener On Other Side Of Fence?

There comes times in our lives that think ‘I wish I could do that!’.  We do not think that we can because of a decision that we made in the past not to, and that we know was right.  We can do what we know is wrong, but we may not.  This stems from the commandments of god that have been given to us to keep us safe and happy.  (Also read the article “God’s Commandments Are Of Love“.)  We recognized that it was in our best interest to follow those commandments and therefore we seconded that decision at that point in our past when we said we would not do what would be wrong.

At a moment that we are encouraged to make a wrong choice and feeling like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, we are usually under a bit of stress.  While we may not see or feel that stress, it can have a blinding effect on our decisions.  That stress causes us to not see everything, because we focus too intently on only a few attributes of the situation and leave out all of the rest.  Love (in the dating aspect) can cause this.

The remedy is hard to find because we are blinded, but it is also very simple.  It is why so much of the time people on the out side of a relationship looking in, while less informed, would be able to make better decisions.  We need to relax, and back out a little bit.  When we are able to see things the way we did at that point in the past when we said no to a bad decision, we may also be able to see why.  “Why” is a very powerful question, not only reenforcing the answer but defining it.  It can expand the original question and the answer greatly.  When we are relaxed, we will be able to think more clearly.  When we look at the original reason that we said no in the first place, it can bring the answer to the most important question (“Why”) home and help us make great decisions under stress.

It also helps to know that we can do whatever we want, but that we had a decision to make and made the right one.  Sometimes, it also helps for us to look at a decision in the past that we made and how it feels afterward.  That can bring the answer to “Why” home in a very close and personal way.

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