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God works in wonderous and mysterious ways.  The way he has guided man over the course of time.  How he has even used those who had wicked intentions and used their works to his advantage is amazing.  One of these examples is man wanted to move Christmas from Jesus’s true birthday to the middle of winter.  When Joseph Smith was called to prophecy centuries later, he was not commanded to move Christmas.  This is the time that we are more giving and willing to help others the most.  In most parts of the world, it is in the cold of Winter that those in need most need our help.  If you ask me, Christmas being moved to the Winter was also a part of God’s plan to save more lives and bring more people to know him.  The more we reach out to those in need, the better of a chance they have to find out about the Gospel of Jesus Christ through us.

This morning, I woke up and could not remember what I wanted to do this sabbath morning.  I knew that I had plans since 2 weeks ago about what to do on Christmas Sunday, but I could not think of it now.  I knew I was missing what I wanted to do to make this Christmas special.  I prayed about it and pondered on it.  Then I had a memory come to me from several months ago, about a project that I had moth-balled because of a lack of time and resources.  I also had another memory of some assets I had not touched in a while and remembered where they were and how to access them.  I also had an idea come to mind about all of this in only a few minutes about how to use those abandoned resources to use launch the moth-balled project.

The results of these revelations resulted in the completion of a project far more special than what I wanted to do for my own memory of Christ’s Birthday.  It allowed for me to give a service to the world that will help everyone remember Christ all year round.  The service is a search engine for songs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Now, you can find songs based on length, tempos, verses, moods, and more.  It is not the same project that I had originally wanted to complete, as the original project would have required the support of administrators of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I was never able to contact anyone, so much of the project was abandoned.  What remains is the music search engine, which was completed and is opened to the world today for everyone to find their favorite songs free of charge.  With it being easier now to find those perfect songs, hopefully we will see more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our media, and therefore in our hearts, which brings more of the lost sheep unto the good shepherd.  The music search engine is currently located at, but it is on the agenda to move this tool to another location once it’s permenent home is ready, so be careful about linking to it.  You can link to this blog and people can find it from here if you would rather.

Also, while I was examining the hosting account (the abandoned resource) I was going to put this tool on, I found another article that is also interesting.  It was an article from months ago, before I used blogs to organize my articles.  I used to just write articles on pages and upload them to my various hosting accounts and servers across the web.  I still find it interesting to find some of the articles that I forgot about in hosting accounts, on servers, in search engine results, and in other locations around the Internet.  This newest find is in a hosting account that is on the agenda to decomission at some point in the future.  It was about the “I am a Mormon” advertisements that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was running.  It can be found at

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