I Created An Application For Internet Monster

For many of you, this is no surprise.  Some of you might be wondering if I could be really bored because nothing has happened and I just felt like writing a blog article.  Most of you know that Internet Monster is my baby; I wrote everything on that website from the ground up.  I did the graphics, the code, the interface, the configurations, the data, and I could go on for a lot longer with this list.  All of that is true, until now.

The application I wrote is something called a third party application.  It is designed to allow any web developer to build applications that can fit nicely into Internet Monster.  This allows for Internet Monster users to run these applications in an environment surrounded by the developer’s banners.  This means more extensibility and variety for Internet Monster users and more advertising for developers.

Applications can be developed on any server, and as long as they comply with the rules, are limited only by the developer’s imagination.  I was thinking about creating some games, and am wondering about what other developers will do.

The application I wrote was a NotePad.  It helps users to store multiple notes within their account.  This can be very useful for a developer like me, as I now have an ability to transfer code and other notes between computers and locations.  It is an Internet based NotePad.  I can keep a current copy of the code on the NotePad, and then edit and use it at any location that has support for Internet Monster.

Because Internet Monster is such a lightweight website, it is supported on the oldest and slowest of computers.  While it might not look as pretty, you will have full access to it’s functionality on a Microsoft Windows 95 computer.  I can not speak for the applications anymore, as many web developers do heavy-weight coding.  It will work fine on almost any computer, new or old, so it is quite portable.

I recommend Internet Monster to anyone who uses more than 1 website.  That could be a WebMail application and Internet banking.  The original target market for Internet Monster (still people who can greatly benefit) are new start-up businesses with little to no money in their pockets.  Internet Monster’s tools do not cost very much, but can help a new business grow legally and safely with very little time requirements.  Internet Monster has always been a great deal, but it just keeps getting better.

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