Meet Jay Link

Jay Link is a web programmer who spends a lot of his time making games that play right on his web pages.  He is quite skilled, and makes a variety of games.  Most of his games are available free of charge.  Here are just a few of the games that he has made for us to play, free of charge, 24/7:

Based on the Apple II version, is a game of running a trade ship out of Hong Kong in the 1850′s.  It is a trading game with pirates, a nasty loan shark, and plenty of other excitement.

Escape From The Zoo
A game about being locked into a zoo after hours and the animals escape.  You have those animals after you and you need to escape (alive is preferred)!

Air Traffic Controller SIMulation (ATC-SIM) is a game about just that.  You are in charge at air traffic control, and you need to keep the planes flying, but not crashing.  You also need to keep the passengers from being frightened from coming to close to other aircraft.  Can you handle the stress of the job?  Let’s find out!

He has also created many other games that are still under testing and development.  His games do not need you to download anything to play them.  Just go to his website and play away.

Eat It

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