The Difference Between Love And Lust

Love and lust can feel very similar, but they are almost the opposite.  As a mentioned earlier in an article about the importance of temple marriage, temple marriage is true, everlasting, and ordained of God.  A civil marriage is just a cheap imitation of the real thing.  Love is of God and will lead us to happily take on such commitments.  Lust on the other hand, is a cheap imitation.  Lust will try to make us think that we love only to let us down.  To avoid lust’s trap, we need to understand it.

Lust is fueled by our appetites.  Once we get our appetite filled, that which we have lusted after is no longer important to us.  Lust can take many forms, from a want to do inappropriate acts, to crushes, and if it is not identified early enough, to a marriage that those committed to later on regret.  If it seems like an appetite for an action, it probably is not love, but lust.

Love on the other hand is not centered on one person’s desire to satisfy their appetite.  It is founded on a sincere desire to want to make the life of another person better.  When that loving desire to better another person’s life is so strong that they want to fully commit the rest of their lives to the efforts of making that persons life better, and the other party feels the same way, it can lead to a marriage that can be eternal and without any regrets.  The words of the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley say it best in his speech at the National Press Society, which can be viewed in one of my videos I posted in an earlier blog post.

Someone who has a crush and they are not sure if it is right should give some serious consideration to what they are really feeling before it gets to late.  Is it love or lust?  It is a very important question.

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