The Importance Of Temple Marriage

First, I would like to talk about marriage and it’s importance.  I feel that one of the sisters in my ward said it best when she gave a talk about commitment vs. involvement.  She talked about a ham and egg breakfast and how the chicken was involved but the pig was committed.  In a relationship, marriage is that commitment.  It is the saying that we are not turning back, we have made our decision and will stick with it no matter what.  Most of the time that couples fail to marry is because they have failed to commit.  For the sake of strong families, which are the fundemental unit of our societies, I believe it was very wise of God to require that couples commit to one another in the form of marriage before trying to start a family.  When a relationship fails, it leaves a broken home for the kids.  Marriage is that assurance of a better life for the whole family.

Second, I would like to mention something about temples, and the importance of them.  The temple is the house of the Lord.  Within such buildings which are properly dedicated, ordinances are able to be performed which allow for marriage to be eternal, and help to recognize God to be a part of that marriage.

This world will pass away, but we will move on.  God in his wisdom has given us a way to hold on to our loved ones forever.  Should we not take advanage of this blessing for ourselves as well as our loved ones?

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