What A Time Of Year!

The holidays have just ended, tax season has began, and many people are broke.  You would think that this time of year would not be a time of growth for businesses.  For a small town called Ajo in Arizona, located just 40 miles North of the United States / Mexico border, it has been a very great time.  Olsens Marketplace IGA has been generating a lot of sales for Don Olsen (it’s owner), and Don Olsen has just opened up Cheeepoles, a new discount store in Ajo.  The prices are 30-70% off of retail.  People are flocking in.  He just had a birthday, where people flocked to his IGA store during that.  Very soon, Don Olsen will be selling his fresh made sausage, like he sells in his IGA, on the Internet.  A few other people in town have been thinking about starting an online business or marketing a current business on the Internet.  The Internet Monster marketing system is preparing to launch.  With the Internet Monster marketing system preparing to launch in about a day, it should be ready for these people to be able to use it to market their websites, including Olsen’s Sausage website.  This has been a very exciting time!

Eat It

About Cedar Hamilton

I have 20 years of computer and business experience. I have run computer repair business, sales operations, web hosting businesses, and plenty of other things. Computers and Business is also a hobby of mine. I enjoy electronics, programming, and marketing. Now, I am a part of Global Domains International (GDI), which is a perfect business for me as I am able to work with beginning to advanced level clients in fields that I have specialized in for a long time to build a retirement income.
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